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Had someone told me that I will be spending my mornings and evening meditating, I would have looked into their eyes and laughed my villain voice in their faces. That’s how far away from my life philosophy meditation was. I’d rather spent my morning to the last minute sleeping and crashing to my bed after a long day at work. And it seemed to be fine. Of course, I felt frustrated and tired, but I kept putting blame on stress or work, or stress at work. Until something tragic happened and I lost the closest person in my life. That was the moment when I realized my life needs to change. I was desperate to find inner peace and find the way off a hamster wheel. Desperate times call desperate measure, so I decided to give a shot to meditation. And to my huge surprise, it actually made me happier!

So let’s dive in!



In recent years meditation has received a lot of attention. From very niche activity, it became a mainstream movement, supported by many successful businessmen, celebrities, scientists etc. Each one of them swore how significantly it has improved their lives: health, wealth and relationships. So, I thought, there must be a reason why the most successful people in the world practice meditation. Most importantly, science has their back.

Many studies have shown that meditating reduces stress and anxiety, at the same time increasing the sense of well-being and the connection with your environment. Many think that meditation embrace solitude, however, it’s quite opposite. You see when you practice mindfulness meditation, it is all about to find the connection with yourself and your body as well as with everything that surrounds you. It embraces empathy and gratefulness. You appreciate others if you appreciate yourself, and vice versus.

Benefits That Meditation Brought To Me


I want to be very clear that I was a person who couldn’t stand yoga only because it would bore sh$t out of me. So the thought sitting there without doing nothing and listening to your own breath made me cringe. To be honest, I wasn’t even sure what meditation is. Thus I started small: 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and worked my way up to 15/20 min twice per day. What made me continue practising is the progress that I’ve been seeing each week.

  • Less angry

    Before my trip to the mindfulness, I was snappy. Actually, to say that I was snappy, it would be a huge underestimate: one wrong word and I would lose it. So when my friend teased me about something (which in normal circumstance would leave me raving and steaming), and I just calmly explained to him with literally zero anger, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe what just happened.

  • Much happier 

    I always considered myself a pretty happy person but like everyone, I have these pet peeves that just mess up with your mood; or how I hate mornings and couldn’t say a word to anyone before my first sip of coffee. It’s all small things but they triggered me so easily. Instead, now things that I wouldn’t notice before, make me jump from happiness like a child.

  • Easier to communicate and more pleasant to be around 

    As I mentioned before, meditation is all about connecting with your environment. Thus the relationships become such a natural thing. You don’t need to put so much effort into that, and overall, you just have better vibes with people. Of course, I bet it has something to do with the fact that I’m less grumpy and don’t snap on people.

  • More conscious of my physical and mental wellness 

    Beside the obvious benefits for your mental health, meditation made me much more proactive in keeping my body healthy and strong. I became more aware of what goes into my body and making sure that my diet is clean(ish). I’ve even started making my own almond milk and currently been obsessed with avocado.

My Favourite Meditation Apps


  • Headspace. So this was the one that I’ve started with. It was a great start because it has a free trial of 10 sessions, that gradually gets longer and covers different topics and aspects of meditation. For me, it worked wonders as the introduction the basics. I’ve tried paid version to continue with Headspace but it wasn’t right for me. But I highly recommend it at the beginning of your journey.
  • Simple Habit. This app I’ve been using for 5 months now and I’m obsessed with it! First of all, sessions are coached by various specialists: monks, scientist, psychologist. Secondly, everyone will find topic and length for their needs. The playlist is infinite. But most important, every single session manages to touch something inside you, to make you contemplate on your life, and leaves you in a blissful state.

There are no certainties that meditation is your thing but life is beautiful because we are capable to try a lot of different things, so why not give a chance to this. And if not, you will find something that embraces your awesome self!Skai Tribe


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